•  Coconut milk
    Coconut milk is a liquid that comes from the grated pulp of mature coconut. The opacity and the
    rich taste of coconut milk are due to its high oil contains. Coconut milk is popular food ingredient
    use in south Asia. After boiling coconut milk for a long time coconut oil will be made which is
    used for cooking and applying on hair.
    Coconut milk helps to maintain the taste of the vegetables, meat and fish curry. Also according
    to Sri Lankan Ayurveda coconut milk has a power of extracting the poison in the food and also
    reducing the heartiness in food. Coconut milk is added to rice and milk rice will be made. This is
    sold in canned or powdered. The product in this program as cans are not added preserving
    chemicals or any artificial methods.


  •  Coconut water
    Coconut water less commonly coconut juice is clear liquid inside coconut. In the early
    development it serves as suspension for the endosperm of the coconut during the nuclear phase
    development. As the growth continues the endosperm matures into its cellular phase and
    deposits into the rind of the coconut pulp. The liquid inside young coconut is often preferred to
    the liquid of a ripened coconut.
    Plain coconut water has long been a popular drink in tropical countries. Where is available fresh
    or bottled. It helps to cool the system and cure your urine problems. In south Asian countries
    used for cooking too. Reduce cholesterol limit and high blood pressure and resonantly found it is
    medicine to cure cancer.


  •  Bitter Melon – Karawila
    Scientific name Memordica charantia. Widely grown Asia and Africa. Vine grows up to 5m length
    and leaves 4-12 cm across. Flowering occurs during June and July and fruiting during September
    to November. Fruit is most often eaten green and bitter. 20 to 30 cm long this has Carbohydrates
    vitamins and minerals.
    This fruit is good for reducing Diabetics, Colastroal level and high blood pressure. You can cook
    this curry adding coconut water after cutting little bigger pieces. You can cut in to small slices add
    onions and green chilies and fried and make a salad also without frying you can make a salad.


  •  Kohila
    Kohila is grown in the villages near the water. It is a water needed vegetable which grows near
    paddy fields and village wells where water is used regularly. No added chemicals or fertilizer for
    the growth of this plant. Sri Lankan Ayurveda advice to consume this vegetable as it is controlling
    and curing the problems in the stomach and system.
    Kohila can be cooked as a meat curry, leaves can be cooked or fried and use as a curry with rice.
    Row Kohila stem will be cut into small pieces added salt coconut lime and green chilies and can
    be served as a salad. Kohila stem can be cut into small slices it’s a batter can be fried and can be
    eaten as chips.


  •  Banana flower
    Banana flower is at the end of banana and it is a blossom from banana tree.
    After cutting the banana flower into small pieces like salad you have to wash with salt water and
    turmeric. Then you can fry and add onion and chili and make a salad. Also you can add spices and
    cook with coconut milk. Pickle is also another use. You can fry and make a filling for sandwiches
    and cutlets. And you can make a sambool out of it.
    This is a vegetable which is fully nutritious no fertilizer is added and very much suitable with rice.


  •  Jack fruit
    Jack fruit is known as jack tree native to south India. Jackfruit tree is well suited to tropical
    lowlands. Fruit is tree boan fruit which is reaching up to 35kg weight and 90 cm length and 50 xm
    diameter. Matured jack fruit tree can produce 100 to 200 fruits per year. This is used in south
    and south east of Asia and it is the national fruit in Sir Lankan
    3 stages of jackfruit tree is used for consumption
    1. Ripped jack fruit
    Can be eaten as a fruit and able to make variety of dishers cuaterds cakes and served with ice
    2. Matured jack fruit
    Can be fried with batter, can dry in the sun and fried can.make chips and can be served with
    honey or chili powder and salt. Jack fruit seeds can be boiled and eaten or fried and eaten.
    It is mainly cooked with coconut milk and served as a curry also boiled jackfruit can be eaten with
    coconut and chili paste instead of rice.
    Can prepare dishes as salad.
    There are vitamins minerals and proteins and sugar in this dood.
    Tender (baby) jack fruit
    This is mainly used to cook as a meat curry and for cutlets these are use instead of potatoes.
    Pickle is made out of this tender jack.