•  Thelme
    Main dance of down south dance tradition. This is the main dance costume which dances for Devolmadu
    Shanthi Karma which dances agents’ sickness causing evil spirits. This dance highlights the talent of the
    dancer and expect peacefulness for the participants.


  •  Black devil
    This is also one of the dances of Dahata Sanniya 18 aliment agents’ evil spirits. This is danced
    for sickness causing evil spirits. A devil face mask dancer participate with a sward in the hand to
    fear the evil spirits.


  • Wadiga Patuna
    This dance is dances to prevent the sickness of the Queen of the ruling king. 07 Brakmians came
    from India Wadigapura and danced to cure the sickness. They wear Indian costumes.


  • Naga Raksha
    Dancer is wearing a very heavy mask devil face and 7 cobra heads. This is also another danced
    in the Dahata Sanniya Devolmadu Shanthi Karma for curing sickness against evil spiri


  • Salu Paliya
    Dancer wears a smiling face mask and a shawl on the shoulder. He is called Kumarayaka prince
    of demons, shows he is very shy and want to cure the human being from causing evil eye. This
    is also one of the dances of Devolmadu Shanthi karma against 18 allotments.