Volunteer Description


Voluntarism in Sri Lanka has a long and rich cultural history. Sri Lanka is a country with high
level of volunteer culture which express the human relationship.
Sri Lanka faced 30 years of civil war which voulenterim is in need. International volunteers
worked in refugee camps in helping them to come of their trauma and day today needs and

Sri Lanka faced Tsunami which damaged millions worth of properties and lives of 50,000 People.
International volunteers took a major role. Also at the periods of floods and landslides to bring
them knack to normal life and cleaning the ruins this hands were so strong to us.
Today as Sri Lanka is a Developing country there are poor communities, homeless children,
homeless elders, disabled without proper rehabilitation, families who can’t have shelter with
basic needs and age old temples which needs our hand for renovation is a need in the society.
We senses is Sri Lanka join hands to pave the needs of the society with the volunteers around
the world. Also producing organic foods and vegetables is also one of our mission and we
proceed with international volunteer to solve the nutritional problems. We want to make a
better place tomorrow.

We senses of Sri Lanka and Holiday Lanka Explorers are an organization which is registered as a
volunteer organization and Ngo which provides cultural exchange programs, environmental programs in
Sri Lanka. We have been serving travel trade for last 15 years under the name of Holiday Lanka Explores
and able to do a better service for guests. We had taken our 2nd step with the long time experience in
travel and hospitality sector

We are based in down south in Payagala and Ambalangoda and renovation programs in Kandy and our
services are

1. Agricultural program which done organic system (vegetables) with cooking programs in
traditional methods and preparation of coconut products and Cinnamon.

2. Helping the community such as boys’ orphanage, girls’ orphanage, Elders home, Teaching monks
and village children.

3. Renovation programs such as Renovating age old temples by painting and building small basic
houses for under privilege people ( this program is on in Kandy and Down south)

4. Program for caring animals

5. Such as Turtle conservation, Elephant caring program.

6. Mental and physical wellness programs such as body and mind programs and Ayurvedic

7. Introduction program and visiting sights and trekking programs.